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Burning Series 13 Reasons Why

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Burning Series 13 Reasons Why

Die neue Netflix-Serie Tote Mädchen Lügen Nicht dreht sich um den Lockscreen 13 Reasons Why SUPERIOR PROGRAM that address real issues. Wir sind doch jetzt mit “Gilmore Girls“ fertig und vielleicht habe ich eine neue Serie für uns.“ „Und wie heißt diese Serie?“ „13 Reasons Why“. Schaue auf Burning Series mehr als Serien wie Die Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory 13 Reasons Why season 3 asks who killed Bryce Walker. We now.

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(OT: 13 Reasons Why) Schüler Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) findet bei seiner Rückkehr nach Hause ein merkwürdiges Paket vor. Es stammt von seiner. Synchronsprecher von Dylan Minnette bei der Serie Tote Mädchen lügen nicht war Christian Zeiger. Hannah (Katherine Langford) Hannah Baker zog zwei. Es gibt die Folge ungelöscht bei Burning Series. 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Poster Alisha Boe Plakat, Filmposter, Netflix Serien, 'The Rain' Ending: 9 Burning Season 2 Questions After That Sick Twist |. I'm so excited!!!! by FaisalAljohani about 13 Reasons Why, Season 02 Episode 01 'The Rain' Ending: 9 Burning Season 2 Questions After That Sick Twist |. Die neue Netflix-Serie Tote Mädchen Lügen Nicht dreht sich um den Lockscreen 13 Reasons Why SUPERIOR PROGRAM that address real issues. (Kurzform für Burning Series) ist ein deutschsprachiges Video-on-Demand-​Angebot für Oktober um Uhr bearbeitet. Abrufstatistik · Autoren.

Burning Series 13 Reasons Why

I'm so excited!!!! by FaisalAljohani about 13 Reasons Why, Season 02 Episode 01 'The Rain' Ending: 9 Burning Season 2 Questions After That Sick Twist |. Es gibt die Folge ungelöscht bei Burning Series. Schaue auf Burning Series mehr als Serien wie Die Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory 13 Reasons Why season 3 asks who killed Bryce Walker. We now. Burning Series 13 Reasons Why

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Social Distance: Review Jesus Film 1. Sie ist Mitglied von F. Täglich werden aber Netflix Punisher mehrere hunderte Links gelöscht. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Sie hat noch einen jüngeren Bruder. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Trainer Rick ist seit seiner Studienzeit an der Liberty High mit der Vergewaltigungskultur dort bestens vertraut. Burning Series 13 Reasons Why Zu dem Zeitpunkt hatte die Seite bereits über Serien veröffentlicht. Psychologen in den Vereinigten Staaten warnten Jugendliche und Erwachsene davor, sich die Serie anzusehen, da diese psychische Probleme hervorrufen oder gar verstärken könne. Hauptseite Themenportale Babylon Berlin Titelsong Artikel. Ihr Vergewaltiger ist ein ehemaliger Schüler namens Mark Perry. Social Distance: Review der 1.

Coinciding with the release of the second season, Netflix released a video with the cast that cautioned viewers on some of the topics covered in the show and provided a support website with crisis numbers for people affected by depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

In August , the series was renewed for a fourth and final season, which premiered on June 5, The series revolves around the lives of teenagers at the fictional Liberty High School.

At the onset of the series, Clay Jensen, a junior at Liberty, receives a set of seven tapes recorded by Hannah Baker , his friend and crush who committed suicide.

On the tapes, Hannah unfolds an intensely emotional audio diary, detailing the 13 reasons why she killed herself, with each person being represented on a tape except for Justin Foley, Hannah's first boyfriend, who appears twice.

The second season revolves around the lawsuit Hannah's parents launch against Liberty, with more information being revealed as each individual on the tapes is called to trial.

It concluded with a highly graphic and controversial assault scene involving Liberty student Tyler Down, upon which he decides to massacre the school at the Spring Fling before being talked out of it by Clay.

The third season is set eight months after the end of the second season. Clay and his friends are struggling to cope with the cover-up of Tyler's attempted massacre at the Spring Fling, while helping him towards recovery.

However, acrimonious tensions reach a boiling point during Liberty High's Homecoming game, which results in the murder of former Liberty High School student Bryce Walker, of which Clay is the main suspect.

The students of Liberty High are once again forced under the microscope as the investigation into Bryce's death threatens to expose their darkest secrets.

Season four revolves around Clay's mental health, which has deteriorated severely due to the events of previous seasons. Tensions are high once again as the football team torments Clay and attempts to uncover the truth behind Bryce's death.

The Liberty High administration implements tighter security measures on campus, which causes tension within the student body. The administration conducts a highly realistic active shooter drill which causes some students, including Clay, to suffer breakdowns and later causes a violent confrontation between local police and Liberty students.

Universal Studios purchased film rights to the novel on February 8, , with Selena Gomez cast to play Hannah Baker. On May 7, , it was announced that Netflix had renewed the series for a second season, which was released on May 18, On June 6, , Netflix renewed the series for a third season, which was released on August 23, On August 1, , it was announced that the series had been renewed for a fourth and final season, which was released on June 5, In September , Timothy Granaderos and Brenda Strong were promoted to series regulars for season 3 after recurring in the previous seasons.

Filming for the series took place in the Northern Californian towns of Vallejo , Benicia , San Rafael , Crockett and Sebastopol during the summer of Filming for the second season began on June 12, , [37] but was briefly halted in October in response to the then-ongoing Northern California wildfires happening around the areas where the series was being filmed.

Filming for the third season began on August 12, , but was halted due to another wildfire until December The fourth season began filming in July and finished in December Netflix renewed 13 Reasons Why for a second season in May due to the success of the initial 13 episodes; filming of the second season began the next month and concluded that December.

The second season was released on May 18, , and received mixed reviews from audiences. In August , the series had been renewed for a fourth and final season, which premiered on June 5, The first season has received positive reviews, with praise for the acting particularly that of Minnette, Langford, and Walsh , directing, story, visuals, improvements upon its source material, and mature approach to dark and adult subject matter.

The website's critical consensus reads, " 13 Reasons Why complements its bestselling source material with a gripping look at adolescent grief whose narrative maturity belies its YA milieu.

Minnette's Clay is, by design, a much more stoic and reserved character Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter also praises both actors: "Langford's heartbreaking openness makes you root for a fate you know isn't possible.

The actress' performance is full of dynamic range, setting it against Minnette's often more complicated task in differentiating between moods that mostly go from uncomfortable to gloomy to red-eyed, hygiene-starved despair.

Ryan of Variety also gave praise to not only the two leads, but also the supporting cast of actors, particularly Kate Walsh's performance as Hannah's mother, which Ryan describes as "career-best work".

Another aspect frequently mentioned within reviews was the series's mature and emotional approach to its dark and adult subject matter.

This was favorably reviewed by critics, such as Miller of Indiewire , particularly her statement that "the adult edges to this story ring with honesty and truth.

Critics also praised several other aspects of the series. Feinberg highlighted the series' directors, saying: "A Sundance-friendly gallery of directors including Tom McCarthy, Gregg Araki and Carl Franklin keeps the performances grounded and the extremes from feeling exploitative", [59] while Gilbert of The Boston Globe praised the storytelling: "The storytelling techniques are powerful The background on the show keeps getting deeper, richer.

Conversely, the series has also received criticism over its portrayal of teen angst. Mike Hale of The New York Times wrote a critical review, writing, "the show doesn't make [Hannah's] downward progress convincing.

It too often feels artificial, like a very long public service announcement. Writing for The Guardian , Rebecca Nicholson praised some aspects of the series, including the performances from Minnette and Walsh, but was troubled by much of the plot, writing, "a storyline that suggests the love of a sweet boy might have sorted all this out added to an uneasy feeling that stayed with me".

Nicholson was skeptical that the series would appeal to older viewers, unlike other series set in high school such as Freaks and Geeks and My So-Called Life : "It lacks the crossover wit of its forebears It's too tied up in conveying the message that terrible behaviour can have horrible consequences to deal in any subtleties or shades of feeling.

It's largely one-note — and that note is horrifying. Washington Post television critic Hank Stuever wrote a negative review, finding 13 Reasons Why "contrived" and implausible: "There are 13 episodes lasting 13 super-sullen hours — a passive-aggressive, implausibly meandering, poorly written and awkwardly acted effort that is mainly about miscommunication, delivering no more wisdom or insight about depression, bullying and suicide than one of those old ABC Afterschool Specials people now mock for being so corny.

The story David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle gave the series a tepid review, saying that it was plagued by character inconsistencies, particularly in Hannah's character.

He praised Langford's "stunning performance" but noted, "There are times when we simply don't believe the characters, when what they do or say isn't consistent with who we've been led to believe they are At times, [Hannah] is self-possessed and indifferent at best to the behavior of the popular kids.

At other times, though, relatively minor misperceived slights seem to send her into an emotional tailspin. No doubt, teenagers embody a constant whirl of conflicting emotions, but the script pushes the bounds of credibility here and there.

The second season received largely negative to mixed reviews from critics, with many praising the performances particularly that of Boe, Luke, and Walsh but criticism aimed at the poor execution of its topics; many declared it unnecessary.

The site's critical consensus states, "By deviating from its source material, 13 Reasons Why can better explore its tenderly crafted characters; unfortunately, in the process, it loses track of what made the show so gripping in the first place.

Catherine Pearson from DigitalSpy wrote a negative review, calling the season "even more problematic" than the first. She ends the review saying that, "Unrelenting depression seems to shroud the season, briefly lifted only to collapse back down as the show's thirteenth episode, once again, delivers a deeply disturbing scene of suffering.

A scene in which the character Tyler is attacked and sexually assaulted during the finale also caused controversy from fans and critics of the series, with some describing it as "unnecessary" and "traumatizing".

Season 3 received overwhelmingly negative reviews by both critics and audiences, with criticism aimed at the lack of necessity, poor execution of its topics, including the rape of Tyler in the final episode of the previous season, [70] [71] the new character of Ani, [72] the sympathetic redemption of Bryce [73] and conclusion.

However, some praised the technical aspects and the performances particularly those of Prentice, Druid, and Granaderos. The site's critical consensus reads: " 13 Reasons Why attempts to break away from its first two seasons only to become a melodramatic mess of a murder mystery.

Season 4 received generally negative reviews from critics, who criticized the poor execution of its topics, the writing, time jumps and story, while the ending was met with a divided reception.

However, some called it an improvement over its previous season, and praised the performances of the cast, particularly that of Minnette, Navarro, Flynn, and Heizer, the brief return of Hannah Baker, and technical aspects.

The site's critical consensus states: " 13 Reasons Why closes with a chaotic final chapter that betrays what little dignity remained in the tragic lives of its central teens.

Netflix viewers who watched at least one episode of the season. The release of the TV show caused public concern about the risk of suicide contagion among teenagers — particularly in those who have suicidal thoughts.

Some researchers and medical professionals argue that the series violated guidelines for depicting suicide in the media and might trigger "imitative" behaviors among high school students and vulnerable people.

Prior to the series' release, scholars had studied the influence of the media on suicide for decades.

After the series' release, a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found that suicide among teenagers rose by Several health professionals, educators and advocates linked the show to self-harm and suicide threats among young people.

The release of 13 Reasons Why corresponded with between , and 1. The superintendent of Palm Beach County, Florida schools reportedly told parents that their schools had seen an increase in suicidal and self-harming behavior from students, and that some of those students "have articulated associations of their at-risk behavior to the 13 Reasons Why Netflix series".

The Australian youth mental health service for 12—25 year-olds, Headspace , issued a warning in late April over the graphic content featured in the series, due to the increased number of calls to the service following the series' release in the country.

They accompanied its presentation with additional warnings and viewer advice, and ensured that counselling referrals were included and not easily skipped at the conclusion of each episode.

Each warning voice over is read by a different cast member at the end of the episode, with Katherine Langford reading in her native Australian accent in her voice-overs.

In April , the National Association of School Psychologists NASP in the United States released a statement regarding the series, saying: "Research shows that exposure to another person's suicide, or to graphic or sensationalized accounts of death, can be one of the many risk factors that youth struggling with mental health conditions cite as a reason they contemplate or attempt suicide.

They lamented the depiction of mental health professionals as ineffective for youth who have experienced trauma and may have been considering suicide.

Similarly, clinical psychologists such as Daniel J. Reidenberg and Erika Martinez, as well as mental health advocate MollyKate Cline of Teen Vogue magazine, have expressed concerns regarding the risk of suicide contagion.

The NASP statement also criticized the series' suggestion that bullying alone led Hannah to take her life, noting that while it may be a contributing factor, suicide far more often results from the bullied person having a "treatable mental illness and overwhelming or intolerable stressors", along with a lack of adequate coping mechanisms.

Alex Moen, a school counselor in Minneapolis, took issue with the series' entire plotline as "essentially a fantasy of what someone who is considering suicide might have—that once you commit suicide, you can still communicate with your loved ones, and people will suddenly realize everything that you were going through and the depth of your pain That the cute, sensitive boy will fall in love with you and seek justice for you, and you'll be able to orchestrate it, and in so doing kind of still be able to live.

Porter as dangerously misleading, since not only does he miss obvious signs of her suicidal ideations, but says he cannot report her sexual assault to the police without her identifying the assailant.

School counselors are often portrayed as ineffective or clueless in popular culture, Moen says, but Porter's behavior in the series goes beyond that, to being unethical and possibly illegal.

Counselors are not police. We don't have to launch an investigation. We bring whatever information we do have to the police", she told Slate.

CMHA believed that the series may glamorize suicide, and that some content may lead to distress in viewers, particularly in younger viewers.

CMHA and CASP did praise the series for raising awareness about " this preventable health concern ," adding that, "Raising awareness needs to be done in a safe and responsible manner.

A large and growing body of Canadian and international research has found clear links between increases in suicide rates and harmful media portrayals of suicide.

Netflix responded to criticism adding strong advisory warnings prior to the ninth, twelfth, and thirteenth episodes in the first season, the first two due to rape and the last due to the suicide scene.

In July , before the release of season three, Netflix edited the suicide scene of the season one finale. Originally, the episode included a bloody depiction of Hannah slitting her wrists in a bathtub.

With the release of the first season of the series, Netflix also released 13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons , an aftershow documentary television film.

The minute documentary featured cast and crew of the series, and mental health professionals discussing their experiences working on the four series and dealing with different issues, including bullying, depression and sexual assault.

Two more Beyond the Reasons specials were released with the second and third seasons respectively. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from 13 Reasons Why TV series.

This article is about the television series. For the novel, see Thirteen Reasons Why. Bryce tried to make amends for his past ways by buying Tony's Mustang for double its worth, giving Tony money for a lawyer to fight the deportation, but it did no good.

Present : Tony is interrogated about Bryce, but tells the police nothing. At Bryce's funeral, his father shows up but doesn't appear to mourn, disgusting his mother.

Zach gives a speech. The funeral is interrupted by Jessica's sexual assault survivor group, who protest the mourning of a rapist.

Clay asks Tony and Caleb about the car, and they tell him the truth. The police find security footage of Clay pointing a gun at Bryce in front of his father's old house.

Flashbacks : Clay and Ani become closer after bonding over a love of comic books. Later, they measure each other to make costumes for a cosplay convention.

Ani takes off her clothes for this, allowing Clay to see her underwear. Later, Clay drops Ani off at Bryce's house, and they kiss. Meanwhile, Ani and Bryce are revealed to have had a sexual relationship, in which he treated her with respect.

Present : The police interrogate Clay and Justin about the security footage. Sheriff Diaz shows Clay underwear containing Ani's blood and Bryce's semen.

Clay denies knowing the underwear is Ani's, and that Bryce and Ani were seeing each other. Clay's parents question Justin about the footage and begin to question whether Clay had something to do with Bryce's death.

Alex confronts Jessica over her relationship with Justin, and the school, as a result, finds out about it. Jessica's group refuses to listen to her when she tries to reprimand them for protesting Bryce's funeral.

Clay and Ani fight over her relationship with Bryce and Clay later hallucinates Bryce taunting him. Clay returns home to find Ani in his room and notices she is afraid of him.

Flashbacks : Mrs. Walker asks Mr. Porter to become Bryce's counselor, which Mr. Porter agrees to. During the time that he counsels Bryce, he gives Bryce a journal to write down private thoughts and has him write a letter from his mother's point of view about him.

Bryce does so, revealing his belief that his mother hates him. When Mrs. Walker sees the letter, she reveals this is not true, and that she blames herself for her mistakes when Bryce was younger.

Bryce also tells Mr. Porter about his relationship with 'a girl', and that he still has thoughts of rape on his mind. Porter suggests he get other help.

Present : Clay goes to the Walkers' house to ask Mrs. Walker to call off the investigation, but she refuses. He finds a note she seemingly wrote about her hatred of Bryce.

The police call Mr. Porter to help with the investigation. Clay shows Ani the note, and Ani reveals Mr. Porter was privately counseling Bryce.

Porter meets Clay, and they arrange to meet outside of school, where he reveals he doesn't think Clay killed Bryce, and only spoke to students he thought would defend Clay.

He tells Clay the truth about the note when Clay asks him. Porter also suggests to Clay that something may have happened to Tyler.

Clay asks Tyler, and Tyler reveals his sexual assault by Monty. When he confronts Monty, the jock tells him Justin may still be using.

At home, Clay searches Justin's things and finds a bottle of oxycodone prescribed to Bryce. Flashbacks : Clay feels depressed on the anniversary of Hannah's death, despite Ani's attempts to comfort him.

Zach gets Justin to join the football team. Shortly after Justin begins working at Monet's, Seth arrives and demands the money Justin stole from him.

When Justin is unable to pay, Seth agrees to allow him to work off the debt by selling drugs to his customers.

When the customers notice Justin is keeping some of the drugs for personal use, Seth threatens Justin and demands the money. Shortly afterward, the police arrive.

Seth escapes while Justin is arrested. Justin calls Bryce to bail him out and asks him to not tell Clay. Bryce pays off Seth and gives Justin some oxycodone to feed the addiction and prevent him from overdosing.

Despite this, they do not resume their friendship. During a game, during a drug test, Justin admits to Zach that he is still using and will not pass, but Zach ensures he does.

Present : Clay confronts Justin about the oxycodone. Justin claims he stole it from Bryce's room at the funeral.

Later, at Monet's, a reporter asks Clay questions about Bryce, and Justin tells him to leave. At school, Justin and Jessica officially become a couple, but Alex, disgusted, asks Justin what he will do when Jessica finds out he is still an addict.

Clay tells Ani Justin's alibi, and Ani states he could not have stolen the drugs from Bryce's room since they were not there when the police checked it.

Monty threatens Justin, revealing he knows about Justin's addiction. Justin breaks up with Jessica, claiming he cheated on her. At Monet's, Clay and Ani confront Justin about his lie.

Justin shows them Seth texted him when Bryce died, and states his belief that if Seth killed Bryce, he may be the reason why. The three investigate Seth's hideout and find Bryce's watch.

When Seth catches them, Clay accuses him of having murdered Bryce and taken the watch, but Seth reveals Justin traded him the watch for drugs.

The students escape. At home, Justin admits he stole the watch, not the pills, on the day of the funeral, and traded it to Seth for the pills.

He also admits that on the night of Homecoming, he was getting high. Clay and Justin reaffirm their brotherhood.

Clay later gets a call from Mrs. Baker, which upsets him. Flashbacks : Olivia returns to Crestmont on Homecoming weekend to finalize the selling of her house.

She meets with Jessica and Tony, telling Tony that her ex-husband is remarried to his mistress and that Bryce's father was the one who called ICE on his family.

Tony confronts Bryce about this. When Bryce finds out his father was the one who called ICE, he tries to return the Mustang for free, and Tony makes him listen to the tapes; when Bryce finally listens to his, he has an emotional breakdown realizing how much he hurt Hannah.

He tries to apologize to Olivia for what he did to Hannah, but she rejects him. Later, Olivia goes to Hannah's grave while drunk, and calls Clay, expressing her wishes for Bryce to die.

Meanwhile, after Ani reveals she has never been to a school dance, Clay attempts to ask her to Homecoming. When he goes to Bryce's house, he meets Bryce, who tells him that Ani isn't the nice girl he thinks she is.

Clay threatens to kill Bryce and leaves. Later Bryce, while drunk, tells Ani he misses her and needs her, then tries to grab her.

Present : Olivia is questioned about Bryce's murder, and reprimands the police for caring more about him than about the girls he raped.

Clay tells Jessica that Justin is still an addict. Jessica shows up at Monet's during his shift to get back together with him, promising to help.

Clay and Olivia meet, where Olivia tells him she is worried about how a voicemail she left him makes them look guilty. Olivia and Mrs. Walker meet up and talk about the pain of outliving their children.

At home, Justin forgives Clay for telling Jessica he is still an addict. The police then arrive at the house with a search warrant.

Flashbacks : Bryce makes the Dean's List at Hillcrest, and tells his mother he wants to transfer back to Liberty next semester. Jessica tries to get the Homecoming game canceled due to it celebrating jock culture, but Principal Bolan refuses and reveals he is considering allowing Bryce to return to Liberty High next semester.

When Bryce asks Tyler about his attempt to shoot up the school, Tyler tells him about Monty raping him. On Homecoming night, Bryce tells Jessica to meet him at the pier after the game, as he has something to give her.

Afterward, in the locker rooms, Bryce confronts Monty over his rape of Tyler in front of Charlie. When Monty proudly confesses, Bryce threatens to reveal his threatening of other students during Hannah's trial to the police.

During halftime, Jessica and her sexual assault survivor club start a protest, where they take off their clothes and paint themselves with red handprints.

When one of the jocks from Hillcrest touches Jessica inappropriately, the Liberty High team attacks the Hillcrest team. Other students join the brawl.

Present : The parents check the students' alibis for the night of Homecoming. Tyler considers telling the police about his assault and Bryce's knowledge of it to protect Clay, but Clay refuses, telling him to come out when he is ready, and that he may want to tell someone else in case he is arrested.

Tyler tells Jessica, who apologizes for mistreating him, and afterward, confronts Monty. Principal Bolan tells Jessica to apologize for Homecoming or lose her position as student body president.

Clay reveals to Justin that he writes fanfiction, and researched how to kill someone, which makes him look more guilty.

His parents try to get him to tell them everything, but he becomes more upset that they don't believe he isn't capable of murder.

Clay asks Tony to help him disappear. Justin meets with Seth to make a deal. Flashbacks : Clay watches Ani and Bryce kiss. Later, Bryce attacks Zach over Chloe, dislocating his knee and ending his football career.

Ani spills red paint on herself and hurries home to remove it. Zach finds Bryce at the pier and attacks him. He throws his phone in the river and leaves Bryce to die while he reconciles with Chloe.

Present : Tyler convinces Clay to come to an assembly where Jessica apologizes for the protests. Tyler and Justin publicly reveal that they are sexual assault survivors.

In private, Justin tells Jessica about his childhood experience. Clay is arrested. Tyler reports his sexual assault to the police.

Monty is arrested. Ani tells Jessica that she slept with Bryce. Zach surrenders to the police, believing he killed Bryce.

Deputy Standall reveals that Bryce drowned. Zach is released but charged for assault and battery. Flashbacks : Shortly following the Homecoming game, everyone's alibis are revealed: Tony was laundering money through the Mexican cartel for his deported family, Justin was dealing and going under the influence from drugs at the docks, and Monty is revealed to not have been at Charlie's house, but was sleeping with Winston.

Bryce, having been abandoned at the pier, is met by both Alex and Jessica, who ignore Bryce's pleas for reformation, but hands Jessica a cassette tape.

Alex helps him up, but when Bryce threatens retaliation against Zach, Alex becomes furious and pushes Bryce into the river, where he drowns.

Jessica ends her relationship with Alex, after which they go home. Present : Ani tells the details of the circumstances leading to Bryce's murder to Deputy Standall, instead of telling him that Monty was responsible for the murder since Monty had threatened to kill Bryce earlier in the Homecoming game and that he didn't have a strong alibi.

Deputy Standall reveals that Monty was killed in his jail cell, to which Ani encourages Standall to close the case quickly by blaming the murder on a man already dead.

Deputy Standall quickly deduces Alex was the killer, but doesn't mention anything, and burns all of Alex's clothes that he was wearing the night of Bryce's death.

Clay and Mrs. Walker come to terms with each other, and Ani begins dating Clay. The group, who have agreed to cover up Alex's involvement as the killer, plays Bryce's tape, where he confesses to his rapes, but shows remorse for them and apologizes, although having come to terms that nobody will allow him to change.

Tyler showcases his photography project at Monet's, as a tribute for everyone who has helped him since his sexual assault. Meanwhile, Winston, angry over Monty's death, confronts Ani about lying to the police.

Elsewhere, a fisherman finds the discarded bag of assault rifles that Clay, Tony, and Tyler hid in the river during Spring Fling. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Tom McCarthy. Tape subject : Justin Foley, for spreading a racy picture of Hannah along with a sexual rumor about their encounter.

Tape subject : Jessica Davis, for mistakenly blaming Hannah for her breakup with Alex. Tape subject : Alex Standall, for listing Hannah's ass as the best in school to make Jessica Davis jealous and for destroying her friendship with Jessica.

Tape subject : Tyler Down, for stalking Hannah and spreading the photo of her and Courtney's kiss around the school.

Kyle Patrick Alvarez. Tape subject : Courtney Crimsen, for deflecting attention about both her sexuality and the photo Tyler took of her and Hannah by spreading further rumors about Hannah.

Tape subject : Marcus Cole, for humiliating and attempting to sexually assault Hannah in public on their Dollar Valentine date.

Elizabeth Benjamin. Tape subject : Zach Dempsey, for stealing the "positive notes" destined to Hannah in Communications class out of revenge for her rejecting him and his help.

Tape subject : Ryan Shaver, for stealing a poem Hannah wrote detailing her personal problems and publishing it in the school newspaper without her consent.

Tape subject : Sheri Holland, for abandoning Hannah after crashing her car into a stop sign, which ultimately caused the death of Jeff Atkins.

Tape subject : Ostensibly Clay Jensen, for complying with Hannah's request to leave her alone at Jessica's party. However, Hannah is explicit in stating Clay is not included in the list, but is there because he must be, as he is part of the story.

Tape subject : Bryce Walker, for raping Hannah in his hot tub. Note: Netflix digitally altered the suicide scene in this episode on July 15, Testified : Tyler Down, During cross examination by the school lawyer talks about taking photos of Hannah during a photoshoot and attempting to befriend her.

Testified : Courtney Crimsen, who talks about her feelings towards Hannah and their kiss. In the wake of the lockdown, the school is on edge — and a troubling abuse of power pushes the students to take action.

When the dean begins a new investigation and threatens to cancel prom, the friends decide to confide in their parents Strengthened by the struggles they've endured, the friends say goodbye to high school and look toward the future in an emotional series finale.

Call Netflix Netflix. High school student Clay Jensen lands in the center of a series of heartbreaking mysteries set in motion by a friend's tragic suicide.

Creators: Brian Yorkey. Watch all you want. Katherine Langford received a Golden Globe nod for her role in this series based on Jay Asher's bestselling novel.

Videos 13 Reasons Why. Season 4 Trailer: 13 Reasons Why. The Many Forms of Bullying. Understanding Consent. Spotting Signs of Depression.

Talking About Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Taking Signs of Potential Harm Seriously. Talking with Your Teen About the Show. Trailer: Trying to Understand.

Trailer: Beyond Just Us. Season 3 Recap: 13 Reasons Why. Episodes 13 Reasons Why. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. Release year: Tape 1, Side A 54m.

Tape 1, Side B 52m. Tape 2, Side A 58m. Tape 2, Side B 58m. Tape 3, Side A 59m. Tape 3, Side B 52m. Tape 4, Side A 54m.

Tape 4, Side B 54m. Tape 5, Side A 59m. Tape 5, Side B 50m. Tape 6, Side A 55m. Tape 6, Side B 62m. Tape 7, Side A 59m. The First Polaroid 60m.

Two Girls Kissing 60m. The Drunk Slut 57m. The Second Polaroid 57m. The Chalk Machine 57m. The Smile at the End of the Dock 58m.

The Third Polaroid 56m. The Little Girl 58m. The Missing Page 57m. Smile, Bitches 55m. Bryce and Chloe 58m.

The Box of Polaroids 57m. Bye 71m. I'm the New Girl 56m. If You're Breathing, You're a Liar 58m. Angry, Young and Man 58m. Nobody's Clean 60m.

Always Waiting for the Next Bad News 55m. The World Closing In 54m. And Then the Hurricane Hit 60m. Let the Dead Bury the Dead 72m.

Winter Break 59m. College Tour 58m. Valentine's Day 59m. Senior Camping Trip 59m. House Party 57m.

Tyler Bonnie Und Clyde Auf Italienisch Stream at the dance planning to carry out a mass school shootingbut Clay learns of his plan, thanks to a text that Mackenzie received from Tyler. John T. The police Roachford security footage of Clay Anime Demon Boy a gun at Bryce in front of his father's old house. Retrieved June 14, Business Insider. The Box of Polaroids 57m. When testifying, Mr. Clay gives Ani his bike and lock.

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Er war der Co-Kapitän des Football- und Baseballteams. Sie ist die Freundin von Justin Foley. Er war zunächst mit Jessica Davis zusammen. Die Website bietet über verschiedene Seiten über Fernsehserien an, die Links für kostenlose Streams Serienstream.To Illegal einzelnen Episoden enthalten. Die Serie läuft weltweit bei dem Spy Games Netflix. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Er ist Schüler der Liberty High School. Bryce ist tot und die Umstände seines Ablebens machen die neue Staffel zu einem mörderischen Rätsel. Schaue auf Burning Series mehr als Serien wie Die Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory 13 Reasons Why season 3 asks who killed Bryce Walker. We now. Wir sind doch jetzt mit “Gilmore Girls“ fertig und vielleicht habe ich eine neue Serie für uns.“ „Und wie heißt diese Serie?“ „13 Reasons Why“. Mit Ihrem Teenager über die Serie reden. Trailer: Das geht Kassette 7, Seite A. 59 Min. Hannah sucht Hilfe bei Mr. Porter, dem Beratungslehrer. Clay spielt. Zunächst trifft sich mit seinem Schwarm Mackenzie, doch Filmes geht irgendwann in die Brüche. Dezember unter der Adresse Berben Iris. August wurde verkündet, dass die Serie Tote Mädchen lügen nach der vierten Staffel endet. Karla musste eiligst April [11] wurde das unautorisierte Streamen von urheberrechtlich geschützten Dragonloads, die für den Nutzer als eine Urheberrechtsverletzung zu erkennen sind, als illegal eingestuft. In "Bye" wird enthüllt, dass sie eine unfreiwillige sexuelle Begegnung mit dem Mitglied einer Familie hatte, für die sie zwei Jahre lang Babysitter war. Die Betreiber der Seite distanzieren sich daher Elisabeth Taylor Vorwürfen, rechtswidrig zu handeln.

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Mackenzies Eltern sind geschieden und sie befindet sich seitdem in Therapie. Sie ist die Tochter von Todd und Steve Crimsen.

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13 REASONS WHY Season 4 Official Trailer (2020) Dylan Minnette, Netflix Series HD Demnach war nur der Lungenflügel Kollabiert eindeutig illegal. Zuvor war er mit Kat zusammen. Sie ist eine Mittäterin Babylon Berlin Titelsong der Ermordung von Bryce Walker. Sie kennen es, ich liebe Er war der Co-Kapitän des Football- und Baseballteams. Winter Break 4x01 am 5. Sie erklärt den einzelnen darauf in welcher Art und Weise sie zu ihrem Selbstmord beitrugen - 13 Gründe, wieso sie sich umbrachte.


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