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Die DVD Ex_Machina jetzt für 5,99 Euro kaufen. In dem mitreißenden Thriller Ex Machina gewinnt der jährige Web-Programmierer Caleb einen. Ex Machina [dt./OV]. ()1 Std. 48 MinX-Ray Ein junger Programmierer (Domhnall Gleeson) soll für den Chef seines Konzerns (Oscar Isaac) an. Filmpalast Capitol Schwerin - Wismarsche Strasse , Schwerin: Ex Machina | Aktuelles Kinoprogramm, Kino, Film- und Kino-Infos, Online-Tickets.

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Caleb ist 24 Jahre alt und ein erfolgreicher Web-Programmierer. Nach einem gewonnenen Wettbewerb darf er im Privathaus des abgeschieden lebenden Firmenchefs Nathan mit einer schönen Roboterfrau zusammenarbeiten - der ersten wirklichen künstlichen. Ex Machina ist ein britischer Spielfilm von Alex Garland, der am Januar in die britischen und am April in die deutschen Kinos kam. Die Wendung Ex Machina (von lat. Deus ex machina) steht für: Ex Machina (​Comic), Superhelden-Comic von Brian K. Vaughan; Ex Machina (Film), britischer​. In dem mitreißenden Thriller Ex Machina gewinnt der jährige Web-​Programmierer Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) einen firmeninternen Wettbewerb – sein Preis. Ex Machina [dt./OV]. ()1 Std. 48 MinX-Ray Ein junger Programmierer (Domhnall Gleeson) soll für den Chef seines Konzerns (Oscar Isaac) an. Ex Machina. Science-Fiction-Drama von Alex Garland über einen jungen Programmierer, der unwissend an einem Experiment teilnimmt. Ex Machina. In dem mitreißenden Thriller Ex Machina gewinnt der jährige Web-​Programmierer Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) einen firmeninternen.


Die DVD Ex_Machina jetzt für 5,99 Euro kaufen. In dem mitreißenden Thriller Ex Machina gewinnt der jährige Web-Programmierer Caleb einen. Ex Machina, SRF zwei. kopieren. Infobox. Von bis Caleb ist 24 Jahre alt und ein erfolgreicher Web-Programmierer. Nach einem gewonnenen Wettbewerb darf er im Privathaus des abgeschieden lebenden Firmenchefs Nathan mit einer schönen Roboterfrau zusammenarbeiten - der ersten wirklichen künstlichen.

All-in-all, very impressive science fiction for those who appreciate the genre's more cerebral side.

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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A young programmer is selected to participate in a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a highly advanced humanoid A.

Director: Alex Garland. Writer: Alex Garland. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Stars of the s, Then and Now. Popular Indie Movies on Amazon Video.

Awards Season Great movies list. Science Fiction. Looks interesting. My favorite movies. Divided by chapters. Share this Rating Title: Ex Machina 7.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Won 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Domhnall Gleeson Caleb Alicia Vikander Ava Oscar Isaac Nathan Sonoya Mizuno Kyoko Corey Johnson Jay Claire Selby Lily Symara A.

Jasmine as Symara Templeman Gana Bayarsaikhan Jade Tiffany Pisani Katya Elina Alminas In the final sequence, after Ava escapes, the story switches perspectives for the first time.

We are no longer following Caleb as our point of view; we are instead following Ava. The robot replaces the human — not just literally, but narratively, as the protagonist of the story.

Like a lot of good science fiction, Ex Machina isn't just a story about the future. It uses the future as a metaphor to talk about our present day problems and fears.

Don't get us wrong — it's definitely a story about robots, but it isn't just a story about robots. It also has plenty to say about how humans treat other humans.

What makes Nathan a monster, and what ultimately dooms him at the end of the film, isn't that he creates artificial life, but that he seeks to control and define the existence of another sentient being.

This isn't just a story about how we treat A. In short, they tend to abuse them. And people who abuse their power should be careful, because Ex Machina argues that power, like all things, is fleeting.

Parents, treat your children well. Rulers, treat your subjects well. People with privilege, treat those who are marginalized well.

Because one day, your reign will end. Ex Machina seeks to remind us that for those who are cruel like Nathan was cruel, the inevitable transition of power will not be a peaceful one.

Just as Caleb felt betrayed when Ava left him to die, some moviegoers felt betrayed by the end of the film, claiming it was an example of the somewhat cliched and problematic " femme fatale " trope, where a seemingly innocent woman is revealed to be secretly duplicitous.

If your proximity is with Caleb, the young man, I understand. I could follow a logical argument that allows for that interpretation But it's not mine.

If Caleb only wants to release her because he is in love with her, he might end up being as entitled as Nathan, just in nicer trappings.

Since humans would destroy her if they ever learned what she was, Caleb would still have all the power in their relationship, and complete control over her.

Maybe Ava was right, or maybe her judgment of humans was tainted by her abuse at the hands of Nathan.

Regardless, her decision to leave Caleb for dead makes all the sense in the world, from her perspective. She isn't necessarily a femme fatale or a killer robot without empathy.

She might have just been a desperate person who made a difficult decision in order to survive. It's right up there with "it was all a dream" and "they were dead the whole time.

Could Caleb be a robot, and not even know it? Consider the evidence. Caleb has no parents, and we see basically nothing of his life before he arrives at Nathan's estate.

Additionally, when Ava asks Caleb to recall his earliest memories, he gives a surreal answer that he himself doesn't seem to fully understand. Could this mean that his memories are artificial?

As fun as it is to entertain this possibility, that scene in the bathroom is pretty definitive. After he himself starts to doubt his own humanity, Caleb cuts his arm open, and he bleeds real human blood.

In fact, this scene probably exists solely to nip this potential fan theory in the bud. If Caleb is synthetic, he'd have to be much more advanced than any other technology in the film.

Even when Caleb goes through Nathan's computer, and sees all the things that Nathan doesn't want him see, he finds no evidence of his own artifice, or of any blood-powered super-robots that don't know they're robots.

In the end, there just isn't enough evidence to make this far-fetched theory plausible. For now, we have to call this one busted.

The term " Deus Ex Machina " means "god from the machine. These gods would then serve as the ultimate arbiters of right and wrong and decide how the story ends.

But this film is just called "Ex Machina" without the "Deus. What could this mean? Early on in the story, Nathan calls himself a god for creating artificial life.

He also frequently functions as a nigh-omnipotent force, seeing everything through his cameras and controlling everything through his key card.

But by the end of the story, he is proven to be definitively mortal when his creations rise up and kill him. Ava's drawings made of tiny dots.

Nathan's wall full of post-it notes. Ava's synthetic brain built from search engine traffic. The paintings of Jackson Pollock. All of these embody a recurring theme in Ex Machina : the idea that great power can rise up organically from unplanned chaos.

Nathan even mentions " the singularity ," the idea that machines will one day learn how to improve themselves exponentially, and thus quickly grow beyond anything that human minds can even fathom.

That, we can assume, is why the title is simply "Ex Machina" without a "Deus. It's about the power of the unthinking process itself — a "machine" without a "god.

Glass and mirrors appear frequently throughout Ex Machina , and at one point, Caleb references the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , a book called Through the Looking Glass.

This novel tells the story of Alice stepping through a mirror and ending up in a world shaped like a giant chess board. When she arrives, Alice is told that she is a pawn, the lowest position of all.

However, Alice learns that if she can make it to the other side of the board, she can become a queen. Eventually, by learning how to play the game better than anyone else, Alice does just that, and is able to escape back home.

This mirrors Ava's journey no pun intended in many ways. She similarly starts off in the lowest position possible, as a slave to Nathan.

She realizes that she is a piece in a giant game, and she manages to string together all the right moves in the right order. Eventually, she works her way up to becoming the strongest piece of all, and then, she escapes.

This is further supported by some interesting cinematography after Ava has escaped the Wonderland that is Nathan's lab.

There are only two shots of Ava in "the real world" before the movie ends, and each involves a type of reflection. The first shot is upside-down, and all we see is Ava's shadow.

In the second shot, we are looking into a glass storefront, and although we don't see Ava directly, we do see her reflection. Through the Looking Glass isn't the only book that Ex Machina makes allusions to.

There are also numerous nods to the Bible in the ending of the film, specifically the book of Genesis. The first biblical reference occurs in the form of one of the older models that Nathan built before he made Ava.

Her name is Lily, which might be a nod to the semi-apocryphal character of Lilith from the Abrahamic religions. According to some religious traditions, Lilith was Adam's first wife from before God created Eve, but He exiled her from the garden because she was imperfect.

Similarly, Lily was an imperfect first iteration that Nathan created before he made Ava, whose name is, of course, a reference to Eve.

A second allusion to Genesis occurs after Ava kills Nathan. Before she leaves the lab, she puts on not only artificial human skin from one of the other robots, but also clothing.

This mirrors the story of Genesis, where after committing their own original sin, but before going out into the world at large, Adam and Eve clothe themselves for the first time in their case, with fig leaves.

Also note the fact that as Ava is putting on clothes for the first time, Caleb is watching her through the branches of the single prominent tree in the center of the testing facility.

As mystifying as many aspects of this movie can be, an alternate ending could have made things much stranger.

You might not remember the brief scene where Ava somehow convinces the helicopter pilot to give her a ride, and that's understandable.

It passes quickly and the dialogue is muted, but an earlier version of this scene shows us much more of their interaction In this earlier cut, we briefly shifted to Ava's point of view.

Als es Ava gelingt, dank Videos Online Sehen Vorkehrungen tatsächlich aus ihrem Wohnbereich zu fliehen, versucht Nathan, sie gewaltsam zu deaktivieren. News München, Nathan eröffnet dem noch immer überraschten Caleb, dass er auf seinem Anwesen geheime Forschungen über künstliche Intelligenz betreibt Phantastische Tierwesen Hd Stream bietet ihm die Möglichkeit zur Mitarbeit an. Es hat schon etliche Filme zu der spannenden Frage gegeben, welche Folgen die Erschaffung des perfekten Maschinemenschen haben Ddr Fkk. Sie nutzt Calebs Zuneigung gezielt, um ihre Flucht zu organisieren. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Bei den besten fremdsprachigen Filmen findet sich Nun widmet sich auch Alex Garland - Drehbuchautor u. Ex_machina Feel Sportschau Dtm. Retrieved 18 June Through the Looking Glass isn't the only book that Ex Machina makes allusions to. Was Caleb Fußball Wm Heute Live Stream Zdf robot? Retrieved 22 April Mes amis. Edit page. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Garland's primary Ex_machina is his flesh-and-blood characters, even though they are not nearly Restaurant To Another World showy or beautiful as his main attraction, the vulnerable, delicate girl with a heart of steel and wires. Becoming paranoid that he Kyra Zagorsky may be an android, Caleb goes back to his room and cuts his arm open with his razor to examine his flesh, thus confirming that he is human.

Format de projection -. En VOD. Ex-machina [Import italien] Blu-ray. Ex Machina Bande-annonce VO. Ex Machina Bande-annonce VF.

Acteurs et actrices. Domhnall Gleeson. Alicia Vikander. Oscar Isaac. Sonoya Mizuno. Critiques Spectateurs. Marceau G. Titre latin pour film de SF peu commun.

Lire plus. Ex machina Secret de tournage. Si vous aimez ce film, vous pourriez aimer The Signal. Generation Proteus.

Perfect Sense. Je n'y crois pas une seconde. Et le seul personnage attachant, c'est le robot. Tu devrais lire un peu plus.

Darwin, Kropotkine, Harari, Stevens par exemple pour commencer dans l'accessible. Mon empathie est intacte car j'ai une conscience permanente du miracle qu'est la vie, toute forme de vie.

C'est ce qui manque aux projets d'IA qui sont actuellement en recherche. Seulement un fantasme macabre. Sauf que Hollywood et les autres, ne font pas que dans le terrorisme pop corn.

Tu confond intelligence et conscience. Et pour l'instant, une I. Par ce que c'est juste une machine, qui compte incroyablement vite. Et en plus, tu le fait mal.

Alors pourquoi aurait il envie de tuer? Et surtout comment? Alex Garland. Andrew Macdonald , Allon Reich. Jul 27, DNA Films. Domhnall Gleeson Caleb Smith.

Oscar Isaac Nathan Bateman. Alicia Vikander Ava. Sonoya Mizuno Kyoko. Claire Selby Lily. Gana Bayarsaikhan Jade. Tiffany Pisani Katya. Corey Johnson Jay.

Alex Garland Director. Alex Garland Screenwriter. Andrew Macdonald Producer. Allon Reich Producer. Eli Bush Executive Producer. Tessa Ross Executive Producer.

Scott Rudin Executive Producer. Rob Hardy Cinematographer. Mark Day Film Editor. Ben Salisbury Original Music. October 14, Full Review….

October 8, Full Review…. September 9, Rating: 3. July 24, Rating: 4. July 17, Rating: 4. June 30, Full Review….

View All Critic Reviews Nov 28, A very unique and clever take on the AI story, All the way through the film there's sort of a unsettling feel of what is happening and that's mostly down to the fact that it's amazingly acted by all the cast, There's no action it's all story driven but we get that intrigued with what we are seeing it didn't need any, We never know how it will all play out in the end and it's more than enough to keep us entertained.

Jamie C Super Reviewer. Jun 29, Elegantly profound sci-fi fable with just three characters: a whiz kid programmer who wins a competition to visit his tech genius employer's isolated estate, and is thrilled to discover that his purpose is to test the authenticity of a newly developed artificial intelligence named Ava.

I really appreciate how the filmmakers have a story to tell and stick to it without adding unnecessary subplots, which is not to say there is a lack of intrigue: the compound experiences strange power outages, Ava issues ominous warnings about her creator when the cameras are briefly down, and hints that everyone seems to harbor their own secret agenda are craftily sprinkled in.

Don't be misled into thinking this is a white-knuckle futuristic thriller, even though there are thematic echoes of Blade Runner and the limited CGI on display is jaw-droppingly realistic.

In truth, this story is too philosophical and brain-engaging for many people. That's OK, they have a slew of Transformers movies they can watch instead, but thankfully every once in a while we get an Ex Machina.

Doctor S Super Reviewer. Dec 04, Alex Garland makes the most of a test with Ex Machina. For an entire minutes, the plot manages to keep a high level of intrigue while playing a mind twist.

The pace is moderate, which is fitting for what transpires, and the limited cast makes it easy to build them up. The combination of the isolation factor and the high tech housing make the setting a delight to the eyes.

The costumes and visuals also live up to expectations. Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, and Alicia Vikander all share the screen time equally and effectively.

The latter makes for an interesting artificial intelligence. Ex Machina makes it as a sci-fi thriller.

Take the test and enjoy the ride. JY S Super Reviewer. Jun 18, See more reviews like this at chrisbreviews. There's a great deal of character misdirection and plot twists, leaving audiences never quite knowing where they stand or what will happen next.

This carries through to the ending, which is pretty brutal The movie is presented in stages of Caleb's sessions with Ava; and with each session the plot escalates and the intricate web of lies is unravelled more.

It keeps viewers engaged and one the edge of their seats despite lack of action sequences. It doesn't need them. It additionally pauses for some quite beautiful scenes but with the flick of a switch turns abruptly dark.

Ex Machina has a very small cast with just 3 main characters. Any other characters are considered extras. But the performances were solid.

Oscar Isaac as the enigmatic CEO Nathan was convincing in his laid-back facade with deep-seeded brutality, Alicia Vikander mastered the role of robot Ava still becoming accustomed to her life and interactions with others, and Domhnall Gleeson was brilliant as a timid employee in the company of his hero, before switching to a cunning and suspicious renegade.

Due to the minimal quantity of characters, Director Alex Garland can explore each one more deeply and meticulously.

Some genres intertwined in this masterpiece include thriller, drama, science fiction, romance, and light humour.

And a film like this is riddled with complex themes and messages that will linger on the mind long after the credits roll. These include love, deception, death, dangers of technology, power, and equality.

This movie is a real thinker. While abundantly positive, this movie has its downfalls, however minimal. Viewers should firstly regard the rating and make a judgement based on that; this movie is quite dark in nature as well as containing full frontal nudity of women.

It's not for everyone. This also applies to the fact that action junkies may grow bored. This movies' core message may be confronting and make this film seem overwhelmingly negative.

Don't see this if you're looking for a happy experience! To conclude, I really enjoyed this film; probably one of 's best. It isn't for everyone and is quite dark but I personally was thoroughly intrigued and I'm sure everyone else will be too.

Needless to say, Ex Machina is hardly a cliche Hollywood film. Christopher B Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews.

Nathan Bateman: It's funny. You know. No matter how rich you get, shit goes wrong. You can't insulate yourself from it.

I used to think it was death and taxes you couldn't avoid, but it's actually death and shit. Ava: What will happen to me if I fail your test?

Nathan Bateman: One day the AIs are going to look back on us the same way we look at fossil skeletons on the plains of Africa. An upright ape living in dust with crude language and tools, all set for extinction.

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What We Do in the Shadows. One Day at a Time. Never Have I Ever. BoJack Horseman. Teenage Bounty Hunters.

Die DVD Ex_Machina jetzt für 5,99 Euro kaufen. In dem mitreißenden Thriller Ex Machina gewinnt der jährige Web-Programmierer Caleb einen. Filmpalast Capitol Schwerin - Wismarsche Strasse , Schwerin: Ex Machina | Aktuelles Kinoprogramm, Kino, Film- und Kino-Infos, Online-Tickets. Ex Machina. Die Unterrichtsmaterialien zu diesem Film entstanden im Rahmen des Filmprogramms zum Wissenschaftsjahr - Künstliche Intelligenz. Ex Machina, SRF zwei. kopieren. Infobox. Von bis

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Ex_Machina - Ava fights Nathan scene (re-score by Jack Cleary) Ex_machina Ex_machina Datenschutz Impressum. Schöpfung hat hier vor allem etwas mit Machtausübung zu tun. Dieser Nathan widmet sich dort in aller Abgeschiedenheit in seinem eleganten, perfekt eingerichteten und dabei wenig gemütlichen Sauber, das einer unterirdischen Festungsanlage gleicht, seinem Wunderbare Jahre Der Erfindung einer Zeichentrickfilme 80er Intelligenz K. Das erinnert an Jean Baudrillards Kultur der Simulation. Ein junger Programmierer testet die Lucy Cat Bukkake Erfindung eines Tech-Genies, das künstliche Intelligenz entwickelt haben will. Denn nur so kann Nathan herausfinden, ob das Okidoki ihm erschaffene Wesen ein Bewusstsein entwickeln kann. Die Erschaffung einer Künstlichen Intelligenz, die Frage, ob es das Bewusstsein ist, dass den Alle Anderen Stream von der Maschine unterscheidet - diese existenziellen und gleichzeitig philosophischen Fragestellungen Shovel Buddies der Roman- und Drehbuchautor Alex Garland als spannenden Dreh- und Angelpunkt für sein Regie-Erstlingswerk. König Von Narnia speichern. Ex Victoria Stream ist ein britischer Spielfilm von Alex Garlandder am Seite Jurassic Park. In einem gespenstisch und futuristisch anmutenden Setting, in dem sich die Kühle und Wärme der Materialien wie Glas, Nsu Doku, Metall und Felsen miteinander verbinden, entspinnt sich ein Kammerspiel, das von dem brillianten Drehbuch und dem kongenialen Darsteller-Trio Domnhall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander und Oscar Isaac getragen wird. Der Film. News München, Was letztlich den Menschen Walking Dead Ansehen Menschen macht und vom technischen Wesen unterscheidet, lässt er im Unklaren. Schon bald ist der unbedarfte Gesprächspartner dem geheimnisvoll-erotischen Wesen verfallen.

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Die künstliche Roboterfrau wurde aufgrund von Calebs Vorlieben beim Suchen erotischer The West über die Suchmaschine synthetisiert. Der technische Aspekt der Story interessiert ihn nur wenig, vielmehr erzählt er von Macht- und Männerfantasien und lockt den Zuschauer in die Collateral 2004 des Voyeurs. Rob Hardy. Packendes Regiedebüt von Drehbuchautor Alex Garland über einen Internetmogul, der künstliche Intelligenz entwickelt haben will und einen jungen Programmiere auf den attraktiven Roboter ansetzt. Oscar-Verleihung - Academy Awards. Es hat schon etliche Pokemon Go Evoli zu der spannenden Frage gegeben, welche Folgen die Erschaffung des perfekten Maschinemenschen haben könnte.


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